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ColdChain Refrigeration

Unit 33/15 Valediction Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148

Phone: 1300 766 772 ~ Fax: 1300 766 778 ~ Email: info@coldchain.com.au

Empowered by the people we serve.

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About Us

ColdChain Refrigeration Pty Ltd is a service, and Installation company specialising in commercial refrigeration. We are well recognised in the industries we serve as responsive, reliable and most of all effective.


Our focus is on the installation and service of commercial refrigeration equipment, offering system designs, environmental and power efficiency solutions to suit all type of customer needs.


We realise at ColdChain Refrigeration the complexity and demands of businesses do differ, often requiring different solutions to be tailored to individual requirements, with this understanding and with over fifty five years combined hands on experience we can offer effective outcomes to all our customers.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 6341, Silverwater, NSW, 1811