Jargon Guide

Struggling with cold chain copy or sample transport terminology, then this guide is for you. Read below to discover the meaning of some popular sector jargon and terminology.

Temperature Control Terminology


The preparation process for PCM materials is required in a specific phase before use within a system.

Cool pack

Typically, a semi-rigid sealed pouch of material, often water-based and used to maintain payload temperatures in temperature-controlled packaging solutions.


Expanded Polystyrene, molded or sheet insulation material.


In the temperature-controlled packaging sector, “Passive” packaging refers to solutions that operate without an electrical supply providing heating or cooling.

Instead, passive solutions use insulation and thermal media to achieve temperature control.

Phase Change Material/PCM

A material that is intended to change physical phase (melt/freeze/sublime) at a specific temperature, thereby providing thermal stability.

Temperature excursion/deviation

A situation where the payload temperature falls outside the desired temperature range.

Temperature Profile

Temperature profiles are comprised of temperature-based data points that can be cycled through when testing temperature-controlled packaging.


Vacuum Insulation Panel, high-performance sheet insulation material.

Sample Transport Jargon


UN Dangerous Goods number Infectious Substance (humans) Category A*


UN Dangerous Goods number Biological Substance, Category B*


95 Kilo Pascals, a value of pressure, defined in the regulations, that a container must remain leakproof when withstanding


European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road, dangerous goods regulations

Category A

UN Dangerous Goods classification for infectious substances*

Category B

UN Dangerous Goods classification for biological substances*

Label compliance

Labels indicate that packaging is fully compliant according to various transport and government regulations


The second layer of protection around a sample being transported.