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Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Our comprehensive range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions span 1L and 2L handheld solutions to 450L pallet-sized solutions and covers -70°C to 15-25°C temperature ranges. Whether you’re shipping human and animal samples, or vaccines and pharmaceutical products, we can supply a solution that meets your specific cold chain needs.

All our temperature-controlled packaging solutions are designed and tested at Intelsius’ ISTA-certified laboratory which is overseen by their expert Technical Team. All solutions are designed with you the customer at the forefront of the design and testing process, ensuring the safe and compliant shipment of temperature-sensitive regents and samples throughout the global cold chain.

Sample Transport Packaging

Sample Transport Packaging

We supply a wide range of Category A and B compliant sample transport solutions, ideal for both human and animal samples including tissue, urine, blood and saliva. Our range includes flexible 95kPa bags, rigid secondary packaging and complete temperature-controlled sample transport solutions that meet UN Category A and B compliance, as well as IATA, ADR, and 49 CFR (DOT) transport regulations.

Temperature Controlled Packaging


As well as supplying complete sample and temperature-controlled packaging solutions, we supply individual components such as absorbent, compliance labelling, water-based phase change materials, bags, and sample extraction tools.